Mobilising for Innovation

Moving young Portuguese people towards a risk culture associated with business initiative and the focus on innovative business is the mission of ANJE. A pioneer in the promotion of entrepreneurship in Portugal, the association promotes a wide range of projects aimed at stimulating, monitoring and supporting the creation of companies.
ANJE's integrated entrepreneurship plan is a driving force behind new generations of businesspeople. We take a differentiating and proactive spirit, inherent to success in business, to schools, we stimulate the transfer of knowledge, we identify new business ideas, we support the set-up of business projects, we help businesspeople to make their startups grow, we monitor their development and we transform this success into inspiration for entrepreneurs to come.  
Awareness raising and support are the keywords of ANJE's Entrepreneurship Movement. 

Entreneurship Academy

ANJE's pioneering spirit in the promotion of entrepreneurship had its historical moment in 1997 when, with support from IEFP - Employment and Professional Training Institute and sponsored by the then President of the Republic, Jorge Sampaio, the Entrepreneurship Academy was set up. Since then, it has been developing innovative, multifaceted courses for promoting young entrepreneurship, particularly based on technology, science and creativity. So far, over 2.7 million young people have taken part in Entrepreneurship Academy courses.  
Beginning with raising awareness of entrepreneurship, the Academy has a set of courses aimed at young people, which are held in educational facilities. For example, there are entrepreneurship road shows, business ideas competitions, coaching and mentoring courses, school awards and scholarships for students and entrepreneurs with potential. 
The Entrepreneurship Academy is also responsible for three of the most emblematic Portuguese events supporting business initiative in young people: the National Business Ideas Competition, which has received over 8,000 business projects so far; the Young Entrepreneur Award, which has had over 3,000 candidates since 1998; and the Entrepreneurship Trade Show, which brought together a total of around 270,000 entrepreneurs in all the events (and more than 1800 new companies). 

Startup Village

An exhibition aimed at supporting technological, scientific and creative startups, with more disruptive, informal, daring, common and shared dynamics. The 50 startups represented here are examples of the best Portugal has to offer in the competitive knowledge economy. This is basically an exhibition of sophisticated, scalable and competitive companies, operating in sectors of high economic potential and providing goods/services of high added value.

An acceleration programme promoted by ANJE, which presents an innovative combination of methodologies, with a proven track record in internationally recognised entrepreneurship programmes. ASA works on both the hard and soft skills of entrepreneurs and their projects, always in challenging environments.

Entrepreneur Office

ANJE's Entrepreneur Shop is an integrated support space for entrepreneurship, based on a set of consultancy instruments for actual and potential businesspeople, as well as entrepreneurs working for others. 
Operating as a specialised counter for monitoring company creation and development, in particular micro and small enterprises, the Entrepreneur Shop also operates in the areas of employment, training and the promotion of business initiative, supporting non-governmental organisations and universities. Around 1,200 people have already used the services of the Entrepreneur Shops and 50 new companies, representing 60 jobs, have been created under the scope of this project. 

Special Entrepreneurship Project underway

Porto International Acceleration Programme - IN&OUT - Web & Mobile 
This project is aimed at supporting technologically based entrepreneurship through the creation of new companies. It proposes the implementation in the north of Portugal of an international programme of 10 months acceleration of company projects in the web and mobile area, with high internationalisation potential (two editions).  This programme is expected to result in the creation of 10 startups/year, with prize money of 5,000 euros.
This project is geared towards identifying and supporting a new generation of startups with a global vocation, based on some priority areas defined under the scope of the regional smart specialisation strategy. This project follows on from ASA – ANJE Startup Accelerator and is aimed at creating 10 startups. One of the anchor campaigns is a road show going through the main world ecosystems of entrepreneurship (Silicon Valley, São Paulo, London, Berlin and Tel Aviv). 

International Partners

TechMatch Global
Invited to be the Portuguese partner of the TechMatch Global initiative, ANJE was responsible for taking five Portuguese startups to represent Portugal at a world meeting of investors and entrepreneurs, which was held in Bratislava from 12 to 16 October 2015. In the capital of Slovakia, the five teams were given the opportunity to be included in a group of 60 international startups chosen to “match” with a world class group in terms of investment and mentoring: 20 corporate investors, five multinationals and five venture capitalists from Silicon Valley.  
Rockstart & Rockstart Answers Porto 
This is a business accelerator based in the Netherlands, whose purpose is to increase the success of companies in their first 1000 days. As a partner of this project, ANJE launched Rockstart Answers Porto. The initiative takes the form of an informal breakfast where entrepreneurs, businesspeople, mentors, specialists and investors can interact.  
CEO World & FixUp Peer Group
This initiative brings well-known CEOs from the national or international business panorama and managers together, for the purpose of identifying problems and finding joint solutions for the problems detected in the daily management of startups, SMEs and large companies. Each session has two special guests (for example: Henrik Nissen, a Danish businessman responsible for starting 30 companies and who has achieved 17 successful exits; or Chris Burry, Co-CEO of US Market Access Center, who has led entrepreneurship programmes in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia). A concept initiated by ANJE in partnership with CEO World, a startup whose core business is the organisation of multicultural peer groups.
Global Entrepreneurship Week in Portugal
ANJE has just joined the consortium that will be in charge of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Portugal, as well as other GEN - Global Entrepreneurship Network initiatives.