Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs is an international program funded by the European Commission that started in 2009. The exchange program provides on-the-job learning opportunities to young entrepreneurs in order to develop their management skills through the close collaboration with host entrepreneurs (businessmen and businesswomen with more experience in the market).
Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs is open to the participation of:
- Young Entrepreneurs that want to create their own businesses or that created a company during the last 3 years; 
- Host Entrepreneurs that own or manage a small or medium company in one of the nations included in the program (EU members, Liechtenstein, Norway, Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro, Turkey, Albania, Serbia, United States of America [New York or Pennsylvania], Israel and Singapore).
The mobility experience can vary between 1 and 6 months. Entrepreneurs can split this experience into different periods (with a minimum duration of one week), since the total period doesn´t exceed the 12 months.
The monthly value paid to the young entrepreneurs can vary between 530 and 1100 euros, following the living cost in the different host nations.
After the approval of their applications, entrepreneurs will have access to an online database where they can send five proposals in order to find the right partner for the exchange concretization. The local points of contact of the program like ANJE can contribute and help during this process matching young and host entrepreneurs. 

After firming the partnership, the two parts involved shall sign a "Quality Commitment", where they shall describe all the project (tasks and responsibilities for each part, financial and legal conditions). The young entrepreneurs must attend the formations organised by the local point of contact, so they can develop the skills that will allow them to answer properly to the challenges during the mobility period.
Young Entrepreneurs
The young entrepreneurs have the opportunity to attend a truly "on-the-job" learning experience. During the experience, each participant can get contacts, informations and tools to facilitate the launching or development of their own business. The access to a new market, the international cooperation established and the increasing potential of collaboration with some foreign business partners are other benefits included in the program.
Host Entrepreneurs
The host entrepreneurs act like "coaches" or mentors, exploring the creativity and new ideas of the young entrepreneurs. This "fresh blood" entering in the companies can optimize results and open doors in new markets. The exchange experience is also an opportunity to the host entrepreneurs receive the ones that can be their foreign business partners in the future. 
Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs is funded by the European Commission and works directly with local points of contact distributed by 39 countries. These entities selected by the European Commission present skills in the business support areas and help entrepreneurs during the exchange period. The local points of contact are also responsible to clear all the remaining doubts, help on the application submission and in the search for the best host or young entrepreneur. 
ANJE - Portuguese Association of Young Entrepreneurs is one of the local points of contact in Portugal. If you want to join the program or clear any doubt about Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs you shall contact:
t. +351 220 108 000
The application process for young entrepreneurs and host entrepreneurs is completed online. To guarantee the validity of the application, the entrepreneurs shall gather a group of documents, specifically: curriculum vitae, motivation letter and business plan.