The 10 projects accelerating at Startup Porto Accelerator The second edition of Startup Porto Accelerator is coming to its end and now, after refine concepts, test models and get some inputs it´s time to know more about the 10 projects that are accelerating in the programme organised by ANJE – Portuguese Association of Young Entrepreneurs and INESC TEC. Subcultours, Couch MW, GO-ER, EmotAI, iClimate Advisor, Lumer, BeGoodToo, Wine Create, Predict Churn and The One Pixel Games are moving forward to the final period of acceleration and the Demo Day for these entrepreneurs is near.
EIT Digital joins forces with ANJE EIT Digital and ANJE - the Portuguese Association of Young Entrepreneurs announce their new collaboration to help further develop the Portuguese scaleup to play an increasingly important role in the emerging European digital landscape.
It was an inspiring journey, full of examples of success made in Portugal and carried out by entrepreneurs, scaleups, startups, investors, incubators, accelerators and corporates with promising perspectives to the future. The conclusion of this Walking Tour? Yes, "Portugal is Ready to Scaleup".
Between 2014 and 2015, ANJE held 261,000 hours of training on 828 courses.
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11 infrastructures spread around the country and almost 140 physical spaces for setting up companies.