Horizon 47 launches Moon for the global market in the Brera Design District


Driven and motivated by the challenge of creation, Horizon 47 has created a unique product that challenges technology integration in furniture and design. Moon is an armchair that has an invisible sound system, completely integrated, that uses the outside rigid structure of the armchair to act as a speaker. Combining conventional audio technology with vibration speakers, this innovative approach can offer a product with an outstanding acoustic experience, optimized for the user, but also capable of delivering sound for the ambience, creating incredible atmospheres. The product is, since yesterday, in an exhibition in the Brera Design District.

Moon is a unique product for lounge areas and private entertaining. Looking forward to provide unique and living sound experiences, Moon intend to change your perception over furniture with sound integration, contributing to enrich your environment and take your ambience to a whole new level of integration, comfort and design. Destined for true pioneers that pursuit intense luxury experiences, Horizon 47 clients can enjoy and relax listening to their favourite music or movie in the comfort of Moon.

Pushing the boundaries of electroacoustic engineering, combined with advanced design and handcrafted & technological production, Moon is built with tremendous care for quality. With a 100% wood rigid hull combined with fabrics from Kvadrat, natural leather and precious leaf, the customization of Moon is taken into consideration very seriously, allowing the product to fit in any environment. The connectivity between the user and the armchair has no wires to provide a more intuitive, simple and enriching experience.

Horizon 47 is a startup created by Pedro Meireles with ANJE - Portuguese Association for Young Entrepreneurs support. With a Master Degree in Civil Engineer and specific studies in the acoustics field, Pedro Meireles attended the Restartup project coaching sessions to develop is company and Moon. Combining the passion for acoustics with the family background in the furniture business, Pedro Meireles created Horizon 47. With this official launch of the final version of Moon in Brera Design District, in Milan, Horizon 47 wants to contribute with a unique product, providing exclusive experiences through technology, engineering and design.