WE’BIZ Talks with Vitaly Golomb

It´s the final countdown for Web Summit. The preparation path for the disruptive and technological global event contains one more stop at ANJE headquarters, in Porto. ANJE will organize the first edition of WE'BIZ Talks with Vitaly Golomb (3:00pm - 4:30pm), in the next 3rd November. The investor and global startup evangelist of HP Tech Ventures comes to Porto with the purpose of sharing know-how and valuable insights with entrepreneurs in a conversation where the theme "Hunting dragons, rabbits and unicorns" will be the main focus. WE'BIZ Talks aims to share relevant knowledge with founders and entrepreneurs through the contact with experts from different ecosystems.
Vitaly M. Golomb leads investments at HP Tech Ventures. He is a Silicon Valley-based investor, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and acclaimed designer. Vitaly is a contributing writer to TechCrunch and author of the upcoming book: Accelerated Startup – The New Business School. Prior to joining HP, Vitaly took three companies from idea to exit and produced the Startup AddVenture conference across seven countries. He serves as an advisor, consultant, and board member to a number of companies, including: Rimac Automobili. Vitaly grew up in Cupertino and has been involved with startups since his teenage years.
Vitaly holds a degree in Computer and Video Imaging, studied Venture Capital at UC Berkeley Haas Business School, and guest lectured at Stanford, UC Berkeley, St. Mary’s and other universities around the world on entrepreneurship, innovation, and design. Vitaly is passionate about improving society by nurturing entrepreneurship travels to over 20 countries every year as a keynote speaker, and is a consistently top-ranked mentor at a number of startup accelerator programs in US, Europe, and Asia.
The registration to WE'BIZ Talks - "Hunting dragons, rabbits and unicorns" is free. 
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