WE’BIZ Talks: Telefonica, Firstminute Capital, EIT Digital and Founders Factory present solutions for scaling businesses in Europe

The WE'BIZ Talks are back with a session devoted to the topic of "Scaling in Europe: what are the options available?". The initiative organised by ANJE - National Association of Young Entrepreneurs and EIT Digital will be held on 11 October, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, at the association's national headquarters in Porto. Founders Factory, Telefonica, Caixa Capital Risc, Firstminute Capital and EIT Digital will be coming to Porto to discuss with the Portuguese entrepreneurial community the link between corporates and startups in the scaleup process, raising capital from institutional investors, the particular nature of the seed and series A rounds and the opportunities to scale businesses on the old continent. The event is free, you just have to register online at (
The mission of the WE'BIZ Talks is to foster the sharing of relevant knowledge with players and companies in the national ecosystem. These talks facilitate the achievement of this aim by promoting contact with experts from different ecosystems. In this way, ANJE and EIT Digital aim to contribute directly to increasing the level of investment in the national economy. The expectation is that at the end of the WE'BIZ Talk "Scaling in Europe: what are the options available?" the startups, scaleups, corporates and investors present will have a clear view of the process and the opportunities for scaling up businesses in Europe.
"The WE'BIZ Talk 'Scaling in Europe: what are the options available?' is a logical continuation of the work that ANJE has already done in support of Portuguese scaleups. But it is of special significance as it is the first product of a partnership recently formalised with EIT Digital in this area. The challenge we have set for Telefonica, Founders Factory, Caixa Capital Risc and Firstminute Capital is essentially to give startups, scaleups, investors and national players attending this WE'BIZ Talk an actual guide to the good options and practices for scaling businesses in Europe and in other global ecosystems,” said Adelino Costa Matos, President of ANJE.
"At this event, we have chosen to build a more 'muscled' programme, which combines five specific thematic talks with a comprehensive debate. Our primary aim in organising the agenda this way is to increase the level of knowledge of the participants at different critical moments in the evolution of scaleups. Examples of this are: linking startups to corporates to boost or redirect expansion strategies, attracting investment in series A rounds or the approach to be favoured in contacts with institutional investors in different markets,” added the head of the association.
After the traditional guest reception, the agenda of the WE'BIZ Talk "Scaling in Europe: what are the options available?" opens with Jordi Iserte, investment manager at Caixa Capital Risc. The investor will start by explaining to the entrepreneurs and business people present the analysis criteria most valued when assessing businesses that are seeking to attract investment in seed and series A rounds.
The link between corporates and startups will be the next topic on the agenda of WE'BIZ Talk "Scaling in Europe: what are the options available?". Laura Delgado, business development lead at Founders Factory, will address the issue "How Corporates and Startups Can Scale and Succeed Together" and clarify how startups and corporates can work together to ensure the successful implementation of scaleup strategies. She will be followed by Carlos Rubal, business development accelerator at EIT Digital, with some stories of companies that achieved the goals initially established in their scaleup strategy to Porto.
The success stories will be followed by the revelation of the “secret recipe” used by the multinational Telefonica. Inês Oliveira Ribeiro, financial manager at Wayra Spain and Acceleration Crowdworking Gran Vía Open Future, will share the methods and techniques used by Telefonica to directly support the exponential growth in business from Spain, Germany, the UK and even Latin America. 
The talk by Lina Wenner, associate at Firstminute Capital, on the topic “Raising seed capital from institutional investors in the UK and Europe” will focus on best practices to be taken into account in raising seed capital in the European ecosystem. In the final debate, moderated by Felipe Ávila Costa, co-founder of Infraspeak, the guest speakers from Founders Factory, EIT Digital, Telefonica and Firstminute Capital will sit around the same table and, together with the audience, discuss and establish the main options available to entrepreneurs and managers who are now starting or rethinking their scaleup strategy in the European area.
It should be noted that the session with the representatives of Telefonica, Founders Factory, Firstminute Capital and Caixa Capital Risc will consolidate ANJE's initial focus on organising WE'BIZ Talks with investors from firms such as Octopus Ventures, HP Tech Ventures, High-Tech Gruenderfonds, ABC Venture Gates, Partech Ventures, Accel Partners and Rocket Internet.