Portugal Fashion is a project for the national and international promotion of Portuguese fashion, developed by ANJE in partnership with ATP – Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal. Set up in 1995, Portugal Fashion is now much more than a fashion event. It is synonymous with culture, the modern and focusing on the Portuguese image. Its international début was in 1999 and, since then, Portugal Fashion's strategy has been aimed at boosting our image abroad, associating the country with the concepts of fashion, innovation, irreverence, design and entrepreneurship. 
With an innovative idea for the time, the Entrepreneurship Academy was set up by ANJE in 1997, and since then it has been spreading the good word about entrepreneurship. Generally speaking, this mission consisted of making young Portuguese people aware of the need for a culture of initiative and risk. The Young Entrepreneur Award, the Entrepreneurship Trade Show, the Ideas Competition and the “Entrepreneurship in Motion” road shows are just some of the initiatives launched by this project developed with the support of the IEFP – Employment and Professional Training Institute.
The SME Training Programmes is a training-action project aimed at contributing to the reinforcement of human resource skills and improving the management procedures for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, through the intervention of a group of experienced consultants and business teachers. Promoting the reinforcement of the competitive advantages of the SMEs, the growth of their business and the introduction of good practices are other aims of the project organised by ANJE in the North and Central regions and in the Alentejo.
ANJE Tech Entrepreneurship aims at supporting technologically based entrepreneurship, in particular through the creation of new technology-intensive companies, incorporating added value and internationalisation potential. This includes the accelerator programme “Tec Empreende”, responsible for converting business ideas into innovative startups with a global vocation.
The mission of the Enterprising Portugal project is to promote qualified entrepreneurship, particularly among two specific target groups: women and young people. To do this, the Entrepreneurship website was set up, providing basic technical information for creating new companies and for developing existing companies. Linked with this website is a Virtual Incubator, aimed at incubating business initiatives led by women and young people. Enterprising Portugal is a project by ANJE, in partnership with UERN - North Regional Union of Business Associations and CEC/CCIC - Centre Business Council / Centre Chamber of Industry and Commerce and is supported by Compete, through the Collective Action Support System. 
The CaBuReRa project - Capacity Building Relay Race, funded by the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme, is intended to contribute to reducing unemployment among young people in the Mediterranean area, through youth mobility and professional training. This project is developed in conjunction with a group of partners from five other countries: Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. CaBuReRa makes it possible for a total of 90 young people to have a professional mobility experience in the countries involved. The programme objectives also include reinforcing international cooperation networks, aimed at boosting transnational initiatives for stimulating employment for young people.
The Strategy for the Global Market 2014 is intended to reinforce the presence of the fashion sector on international markets, adding to its competitiveness and assuring better orientation of the internal product for external demand. The intention is to contribute to the sustained growth in exports by the Textile and Clothing Industry (ITV) and diversification from the normal export destinations, by stimulating a transition to market segments with higher added value, selling own labels. To this end, it co-funds the participation of the most dynamic and innovative Portuguese clothing companies, designers and labels at international trade shows. It also organises alternative ITV promotion campaigns, inviting the most relevant foreign economic agents here to get to know the quality and creativity of national fashion.
ANJE opened the Entrepreneur Shop to provide effective and efficient support for sustainable growth and development of micro and small enterprises, contributing to national job and wealth creation. Through its Virtual Service Counter, this support can be provided remotely, giving effective answers from specialised consultants faster.
Integrating the Certified Modular Training, the Learning System and the Training for Inclusion, the FOCO Qualification area provides certified training routes, with a view to building professional qualifications able to facilitate professional integration of specific target groups.
The general aims of this integrated training project are to reinforce the quality of women's participation in the job market, supporting female entrepreneurship by holding specialised training courses and consultancy sessions, especially adapted to the creation and consolidation of micro and small enterprises and favouring self-employment through skills reinforcement. The integrated operational logic of this project makes it possible for its targets to develop a training-action route.
This programme for supporting company internationalisation is aimed at contributing to making international businesses more dynamic, boosting national exports and promoting networking between Portuguese and foreign businesspeople. Under the scope of this programme, ANJE organises entrepreneurial missions and information and clarification campaigns, in thematic workshops on international markets. In recent years, there have been missions to Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, Colombia, the USA, China and Thailand, among others. Other markets to be visited: Cape Verde, Silicon Valley (USA), Taiwan and Indonesia. This project is funded by QREN under the scope of the SME Incentives for Qualification and Internationalisation System.
This project is geared towards the area of company internationalisation, especially SMEs and startups, and aims to inform young entrepreneurs and give them the know-how, the tools and the contacts they need to get into other markets. Think Global also operates at networking level, dealing with government, economic and cultural bodies and establishing cooperation protocols with national and foreign entities in order to bring burgeoning businesses closer to potential international partners. The Think Global project is funded by QREN, under the scope of the Collective Action Support System by Compete - Operational Programme for Competitiveness Factors.
Promoted by ANJE, with the support of COMPETE - Operational Programme for Competitiveness Factors, under the scope of the Collective Action Support System, the Less is More project is aimed at making the business community more aware of the importance of improving energy efficiency and environmental sustainability indexes. This improvement results, on the one hand, in a reduction in consumption, waste and energy costs (“less”) and, on the other hand, increased competitiveness and efficiency in company processes (“more”).
The Infotec SME project operates in the fabric of Portuguese business (focusing mainly on SMEs in the North, Centre and the Alentejo), concentrating on three fundamental themes: specialised management information, prospective analysis and international cooperation. The campaigns promoted are aimed at contributing to reinforcing company productivity and competitiveness, their participation in the global market through sustained internationalisation strategies and the promotion of business innovation through the creation of added value and the adjustment of the production profile. The Infotec SME project is funded by QREN, under the scope of the Collective Action Support System by Compete - Operational Programme for Competitiveness Factors.
Brainlink is aimed at creating a technologically based company incubation infrastructure that can contribute to making the Évora region more economically dynamic. This project is also geared towards encouraging innovation and the development of new skills, insofar as it provides incentives for cooperation between companies, R&D units and higher education institutes. The project is co-funded by QREN under the scope of InAlentejo – Alentejo Regional Operational Programme.
The Portugal Innovation project is a complete entrepreneurship programme promoted by ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs. It is aimed at raising awareness, preparing and providing businesspeople and entrepreneurs with specific skills in the business initiative area. The Inova Portugal website is one of the pillars of the Portugal Innovation project, which also has a magazine, its own tools for business project acceleration, cooperation networks, networking campaigns, advanced coaching sessions, as well as a good deal of specialised content, such as studies and working papers. Focusing on a disruptive strategy, bringing multiple contributions together and adapted to the most recent methodologies for business initiative support and stimulus, the Portugal Innovation project is thus aimed at transferring fundamental knowledge for the sustainable development of SMEs and stimulating qualified entrepreneurship and new businesses with high potential.
The Next Step project operates directly in the fashion area and also organises campaigns abroad with the participation of companies operating in other areas of activity. By implementing this project, ANJE intends to contribute to the development of companies in the fashion, accessories and industry sectors. The Next Step project is aimed at promoting, supporting and monitoring external promotion projects for products produced by national companies, giving incentives to SME internationalisation, promoting the made in Portugal label, encouraging growth, in quantity and value, in company exports, consolidating and widening the current export base of the companies, identifying weaknesses and needs in the candidate or participant companies, in particular at management and technology resource levels, finding solutions that will help bridge the gaps found.
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs was set up by the European Union in 2009 and was part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme in 2012. ANJE is a partner in this initiative, which is aimed at providing “on the job” learning opportunities to new entrepreneurs, encouraging the development of management skills useful for their businesses, through cooperating with more experienced businesspeople. This exchange programme, lasting from between one and six months, operates in over 30 countries. As a Local Contact Point, ANJE is responsible for monitoring the entrepreneurs, from the moment they apply. 
The mission of the Improve It project is to make companies and startups more qualified. The project provides for concerted action in the field, using multiple support instruments that allow companies to improve their market orientation and bring their operations closer to successful financing. The campaigns in this project focus on upgrading levels of business exports, competitiveness, productivity and sustainability. 
The Step By Step projects concentrates on reinforcing the competitive level of Portuguese companies, introducing campaigns that make it possible for them to intensify their focus on internationalisation, innovation, the quality of the production process and information technology. This is all aimed at increasing the production of goods and services that can be traded on external markets. Putting a veritable network of collaboration and cooperation between national companies into operation is another aim of the project, which proposes campaigns geared towards the empowerment of national businesspeople and entrepreneurs.