Do you know the 12 projects that are accelerating in Startup Porto Accelerator?

Startup Porto Accelerator has already completed the first selection stage and chosen the 12 projects that will continue to grow and accelerate in the programme. Bnesis, Cosoftw, Fibeacons, Flatcrasher, Framie, GameStars, Glexyz, HLPY, Invictum Fashion, Negócios na Hora, Promptly and Scrutinit are moving forward to the actual acceleration period, having honed their entrepreneurial skills and fine-tuned their business models through contact with Lean Startup methodologies. On 17 April next, the names of the projects to receive €17,000 in prizes will be revealed. 
After attending workshops on innovation, creativity, startup management and a pitching session coordinated by Gijs van Wulfen, author of “The Innovation Expedition” and “The Innovation Maze”, the entrepreneurs are now better prepared to take advantage of the actual acceleration period and the mentoring provided by Startup Porto Accelerator. Let's find out more about the value propositions of the 12 projects chosen: 
Bnesis - a technological solution that makes it possible to combine multiple global and regional services provided by others in a unified API. Through Bnesis, companies can access information from multiple services in different geographic locations, allowing developers to save time and money when integrating services provided by third parties.
Cosoftw – a project focusing on the development of integrated management solutions that allow clients to deal with their daily needs. Cosoftw analyses companies individually to adjust their management tools and make the most of the existing resources. 
Fibeacons - a smart advertising solution that uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE Beacon technology. Through the positioning of beacons in retail outlets, FiBeacons makes it possible to activate marketing strategies that allow consumer loyalty and engagement to be increased. This effect is achieved through the use of a system of devices in order to trigger alerts via SMS or send vouchers to clients, for example.
Flatcrasher – tourists or backpackers can now find a place to rest, have a shower or work for a few hours. Flatcrasher makes it possible for anybody to make their house available and profit from spaces that do not need to be fully occupied. The profitability of the project's value proposition is not based on the number of nights per guest, but rather on meeting one-off needs. 
Framie – a mobile social application aimed at changing collecting habits, creating a network of thematic photographic collections that make it possible to generate network relationships and gamify their interaction. The aim is for users to choose the theme of their collection and be given a suggestion of themes to be portrayed. Once the set of images has been captured, the collection will be complete. With this operating model, Framie expects to attract the attention of brands and create collector relationships with them, earning revenue through its direct contribution to the increase in the communities and their engagement levels. 
GameStars – GameStars' mission is to liberalise the professionalisation of gaming worldwide. The project aims to completely transform the concept of gaming, allowing any player to win money in real time through online events available at any time of the day.
Glexyz – the product test with 80% savings in the time and production involved is the main competitive advantage offered by Glexyz. The startup's software makes it possible to design and test any product in a virtual 3D environment, allowing performance and wear and tear of objects to be observed under different conditions.
HLPY – a marketplace created for discussion and support for solving problems related to different topics. Using fast, simple and customised processes (like videos), HLPY wants to increase knowledge sharing in society, making it easier to answer questions and solve problems of a specific nature and in unique contexts. 
Invictum Fashion – development of clothes or accessories using wearable technology that can be integrated into communication systems. By incorporating technology into its products, Invictum Fashion aims to transfer information or personal data authorised by users, facilitate access to applications and make control of health conditions faster and more effective. This is a set of items made in Portugal using cork, with product customisation. 
Negócios na Hora – with monthly growth of over 10% and a community of over 100,000 users, the Negócios na Hora platform makes it possible to buy and sell products through Facebook. Users can conclude their business within a shorter timeframe, reducing the risk of fraud as the transactions are concluded with the handover of the product.
Promptly – an online platform that compiles and analyses standardised scientific information on patients' post-operative period. The information shared makes people more aware of the effects and the consequences of each treatment method used and each operation procedure. On the one hand, patients can make more informed decisions, using safe sources of information, and on the other, hospitals gain access to a results database and can improve the quality of the healthcare provided. 
Scrutinit – a platform aimed at connecting companies and users, creating opportunities for organisations to gain insights on their products and the experiences of their clients at a reduced cost. The workflow is simple: companies share a project on the platform and indicate what they expect clients to do with it. Users state how much they want for testing the product and giving feedback about it and companies choose the people to do the tests, selecting the sample based on the price and rating of each candidate.  
The performance of the 12 projects during the actual acceleration period which is now beginning will determine the prize-winners in this first Startup Porto Accelerator. On 17 April next, the names of the acceleration programme projects to receive €17,000 in prizes will be revealed. This amount is made up of a financial prize of €5,000, company incorporation support, six months' incubation, mentoring sessions and access to a vast array of technological services (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Bizspark, and more).