ANJE closes partnership with Startup League to help promising startups exhibit at Web Summit 2018

ANJE - Portuguese Association of Young Entrepreneurs and Startup League, a marketing program created by Radix to support early-stage high-potential startups, have just signed a collaboration agreement and the first benefit of this partnership can now be found at Web Summit 2018. The relationship now established between the two entities enables ANJE’s startups (associated, incubated or accelerated) to access a unique set of advantages in branding, marketing and sponsorship, along with the participation in major entrepreneurship and technology events in external markets. ANJE also joins the radar of Startup League’s partners and pledges to reinforce the program’s presence in Portugal.
Startup League grants ANJE’s startups a year of free access to different types of domains - .TECH, .STORE, .SPACE, .ONLINE, .FUN, .SITE,. WEBSITE, .HOST and .PRESS - as well as sponsorship and support in the participation of the companies in more than 70 international events, facilitating the entrance in external markets. This batch of events includes, for example, Web Summit, Slush, The Next Web, TechCrunch, Rise and the Collision Conference. Free availability of branding material and support for public relations, social media and blogging are other benefits given by Radix's marketing program.
ANJE, on the other hand, grants privileged access to its community of incubated and accelerated associated startups and will support the promotion and dissemination of Startup League’s special campaigns. The possible integration of Startup League in the events to be carried out in the national ecosystem of entrepreneurship is another benefit contemplated in the agreement. The commitment assumed also involves the exchange of resources that help educate aspiring entrepreneurs and incorporates the possibility of Startup League joining hands with ANJE in its future accelerator programs. 
According to José Fontes, Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Unit at ANJE, "the agreement signed reinforces the intervention of the two entities working for the benefit of the same target: young entrepreneurs”."ANJE is excited to close this agreement that guarantees its associated, incubated and accelerated communities of entrepreneurs another window of opportunity to obtain relevant benefits in the areas of marketing, communication and internationalization", says ANJE’s Coordinator.
Lenold Vaz, Program Manager of the Startup League believes that "Our partnership with ANJE further solidifies our belief in the startup ecosystem of Portugal and we hope that through this partnership we are able to support many early-stage startups in getting the marketing exposure they need to take their product to the next level”.


Web Summit is almost here and expects to host 2000 startups in the exhibition space and more than 70,000 participants, including more than 1500 investors. Startup League will support the participation of 100 startups from its international network at the event and ANJE’s startups can be a part of this contingent. 
To do this, companies simply have to request the access link to the application page through, and they can apply for a set of benefits. On the table for the selected entrepreneurs are 100% sponsorship for 10 ALPHA exhibitors and 25% reimbursement for startups to be displayed in BETA and GROWTH phases ;with this, the Startup League will offer cool goodies branded with your startup’s logo; mentions on international news platforms such as, EUStartups or TNW; promotion on Startup League’s blog and on social media and a cool domain name in line with your business. 
Applications close on the 30th of September and are also open to startups who have already booked their stand at the Web Summit. More information about the partnership established between ANJE and Startup League can be accessed here.